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Time:11:36 am
Current Mood:chipperchipper
Hi all!
Well, I was right! Turns out that "Abhorsen" *does* come from a Shakespearean play, as I speculated a while back. Here's the proof: http://www.stonesoup.co.nz/talula/archives/003180.html

Also, in case anyone is interested in RPing a la Nix, I'm part of a group of RPers. We're looking for new blood... er, members for our not-yet-begun RP, "The Hanged Man". We're not accepting applications at the moment, but you'll have some time to work on your application! :) We also have an LJ community, and there is a link to it on our website.

Here's the website: http://www.rpg.anylife.net/
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Time:02:44 pm
Okay. This is to let you guys know that the RPG is not dead. suitcasegnome, active_apathy, blurring and I are all trying to figure out how to keep this afloat. It'll probably be a while before we get this started though, as we're all a tad busy for now.
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Subject:Here goes.
Time:05:26 pm
Current Mood:soresorry
This is something I've been putting off for a while now, but it has to be done.

Sorry guys, but I'm closing the RPG. Before we got a chance to play, yes, I know. And I'm sorry. I really am. But only in that distant sort of way, because it simply isn't my fault.

For one, I'm going to be going to boarding school this year. They leave you absolutely no free time. And the teeny bit that I have is not going to be enough. Secondly, this whole RPG was supposed to be modded by both my best friend and me. But then she went off and backstabbed me. You can see why that doesn't make me too keen on continuing. Lastly, there just isn't enough interest.

If anyone would like to take over the RPG, I'm perfectly fine with that, though I'm not expecting anything. So, just so your characters aren't wasted, you could adapt them to fit any of the following games, if you're looking for somewhere to play:

Ages of Gold is a historical French court RPG run by two old friends of mine, fangdlamb and shotofhemlock. I play the evil prince, Damien, when I get the chance.

Shiver My Timber is a massive pirate crossover game modded by wonderful, dedicated people. A ton of fun, but very fast-paced. I've played quite a few characters there, Clement Underhill being my most-used. Also, check out their sister game, St. Dymphna's. It's pyscho, run by pyschos and for pyschos.

Silver Frost. Original fantasy universe. Looks like it's going to be great. Again, modded by a friend of mine.

All encouraged.

I'm leaving the website up for another week. After that, I'll still have all the info on my computer. So nothing will be lost.

Again, guys, I'm sorry. It can't be helped. And I think it'd be proper to end with the last application recieved.

message: Application for The Hanged Man
name: Yotam Segev
email: yotketheking@walla.co.il
age: 13
AIM: If applicable.
time_zone: Middle East
referrer: the Silver Keys website
cname: Gandalf
gender: Male
cage: 19
birthday: Jan 19
hometown: Unknown
appearance: White long hair. Clad in white from head to toe. Dark eyes
and a deep slow voice. Rather tall for a man. Wears no helmet, gloves
or armor. Rides Shadowfax lord of the horses of Rohan and fastest of
them all.
personality: He is closed up and shares only what information he needs
to. Smokes a little too much. Friend dof all things of good and enemy
of the evil. Gandalf is a father to the young and a pupil of the old.
strengths: Free Magic, Mass Warfare Tactics, Morale, Knowledge.
weaknesses: Charter magic, Archery, Nercomancery.
relations: Gandalf is a loner with no family and many a friend. His
friends iclude all who fight the evil in any way possible.
background: Gandalf's history and origin are a mistery even to himself.

Oh, yes. Thanks for everything, guys. Best of luck.
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Subject:Setting Canon
Time:12:34 am
Aside: The following is mostly a result of having read Abhorsen in a mere five hours, and considering turning it into a game setting - only to find this. Freeform - yay!

Firstly - When's this all going to start? I've got something like half an application done in OpenOffice, the problem being that when I stare at it and try to turn points into sentences any inspiration I might have had kinda melts. Oh, and, how much text can the form handle?

Secondly - Would anyone be seriously upset if the name pronunciation were done using, say, an image showing it in IPA characters? (IPA being an acronym for International Phonetic Alphabet) This is mainly because I'm rather terrible at writing out pronunciation in Latin characters.

And, as the subject suggests - There are a few people to whom things like this matter; those things tend to blow up into arguments when people think differently. What assumptions do you all make about the Old Kingdom, the Charter, and all things Nix?
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Current Music:Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
Time:08:50 pm
Current Mood:impressedimpressed
FIRST THINGS FIRST. What are your summer plans, guys, if any? I want to know if it'll do any good starting this summer or if we should just wait.

And now, well, um, see for yourselves:

message: Application for The Hanged Man
name: dimm
email: azndude1220@comcast.net
age: 8
AIM: If applicable.
time_zone: pacific
referrer: google.com
cname: Barry Cherry
prn: {Berrie} {Cherie}
gender: male
cage: 18
birthday: 8/21/06
hometown: Belisaere
appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, goatee, 6'10", 196lbs, richly dressed, knife in back pocket, light skinned
personality: nice, affable, good fighter, able to disguise emotions, talkitive
strengths: fighting, and healing magic
weaknesses: nothing
relations: mom dead, dad dead, sister dead, brother dead, dog kind of dead, evrybody dead, I am drifter
background: all my family died when I was 6. Lived with wild boars since I was 7.
blurb: I don't like anybody but my self.
other: My character is actually a fish.


message: Application for The Hanged Man
name: dimm
email: danieldude@comcast.net
age: 18
AIM: DSsportsfreako4
time_zone: pacific
referrer: bobfriend
cname: matthias derf
prn: muth-thi-us der-ff
gender: Female
cage: 17
birthday: february 29
hometown: belisaere
appearance: brown eyes, black hair, 6' 4", dark skinned, large breasts, perfect teeth, six toes on the right foot.

personality: affable, friendly, great with good friends yet suspicious of new comers, lover of weapons. great lover, likes a good trip in a hot tub, drinking margaritas and getting stuck in the rain.
strengths: Good with sword and bow, never been defeated except for once by a farmer with a quarterstaff.
weaknesses: she refuses to kill a defensles person or animal.
Only has four toes on her left foot
relations: a completley evil sister, anice mom and a dad she's never met
background: never met father
brother killed in raid by wild boars

blurb: dunno
other: please let us join

No, seriously, this better be a joke or someone needs to be impaled. Which one of you was the culprit? =b
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Time:07:45 pm
When can we start playing? Rin wantsa start playing. Rin is reverting to her whiny 5 year old self because of desire to plaaaaay. Eeeeeeeghh.
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Current Music:Loud music courtesy of the neighbors
Time:11:24 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
When we start playing, will there be a post, or a description of Varoy House/Isan University up on the boards somewhere so we know how to describe the House and University?
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Current Music:Roll to Me - Del Amitri
Time:03:59 pm
Current Mood:creative
SUP, my homies?

Anyway. Two more profiles are up. suitcasegnome, whenever you're done with whatever you wanted to change, just e-mail it to me and I'll put it up.

Avatars = going GOOD.

I upadted the what-not-to-apply as page and added one on what TO apply as. So yes.

koalabear, just curious, who do/will you play? If you've applied? You're the only person here not on my friends list =b.

And I got the most hilarious app today. It'll be posted under friends only in a couple of minutes. So, all of you community-watchers, you'll have to join if you want to read or something.

Two more apps and we can get started!

Fwee :D.
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Current Music:I Think I Love You - The Partridge Family
Time:04:08 pm
Current Mood:dorky
Greetings, my RPer-type-friends. Got a couple of notices for you.

Recieved another app the other day, from an old friend of mine, raspberryripple. It was a great/hilarious app, but the name of her character was too close to one we already have. Though, expect that app to be up soon ^^.

That leaves us with...six players. Not counting my other lazy-ass-GM, Carolyn, who probably won't play anyway. Because she sucks.

I'm kind of ignoring the boards for the time being. We'll need just about two more characters to begin the game, and once we get one more I'll get off my arse.

Oh, and yesterday I recieved THE BEST APP EVER, hands down:

name: Rosario
age: 12
AIM: Da LaZy NeKo
referrer: How did you find us?
cname: Mosrael
gender: female
cage: 16
birthday: may 21
hometown: Clars glacier
appearance: black hair, green eyes, snow white skin, A positive, 115 lbs, 5'6,usally dressed in dark robes, sweet kind voice yet some times sarcastic, charter mark lays on fore head.
personality: This is a fairly free field. Just try and fully explain your character's general personality, tendencies and habits, how they act around different people, reactions to certain experiences, values, self-image and broad disposition. Make us believe that your character is a living, breathing person.
strengths: Everything and anything that your character excels at, or something similar. Perhaps some positive qualities or skills of theirs.
weaknesses: The complete opposite of the strengths field, obviously. Any negative aspects of you character should be listed, as well as things they are poor at.
relations: Most familt dead. Only companion dog named Ranna.
background: Mosrael is an Abhorsen,Clayr, and Remeberer.
blurb: Lady Mosrael works in both dialogue and prose.
other: Anything you need to add—comments, concerns, or even character secrets that you don't want shown to the other players. None of this will be included in the character profile, so don't use this to add additional information about your character (except for the secrets, that is). The application should cover everything. If there's nothing you want to insert in this field, put 'none,' because otherwise the form will spaz at you.

...Am I supposed to take this seriously? (Oh, and I want to me a Remeberer!)

NOW, THIS IS IMPORTANT! I know that in your place, I would probably completely ignore the following poll, but ANY of your input would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's just, "Something to do with dead hands." Though I'd prefer more detailed entries. BUT, PLEASE, FILL THIS OUT:

Poll #287023 ANSWER THIS OR GET CANCER!11!!!!1

What are your ideas for plots?

There are one or two that I've thought of, so we'll be doing those, I just need your feedback <3.
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Current Music:When The Stars Go Blue - Ryan Adams
Time:07:57 pm
Current Mood:energeticenergetic
Hey, all. We've gotten two more apps, both very good. One's flawless, and there was just an issue with the other one's name. They've both been accepted (well, the latter once they fix the name!). The former's profile is up.

Uh, I, uh, also added a link? Whoo, fabby, I know.

I figure we can start once we get four or so members, which shouldn't be hard, considering there are so many of you in the act of applying AT THIS VERY MINUTE, right? :D

Oh, Rin, I would've asked you to look over the apps with me, but I knew you were out...somewhere.

The boards are being worked on. Kind of. Just need to add some gardens/courtyard/some weird outside place. And write up all the descriptions. ...And change it from the icky default blue to match the layout.

That's it, though. Mmmmm. We're in the money, kiddos!


I <3 the Maggie!
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